Hot Tamale! Puamana in Lahaina on Sizzling Streak of Sales Activity

Puamana Pools Calm

In an oceanfront townhome community that averages just 12 sales transactions per year, Puamana has gotten off the starting blocks to 2017 in explosive fashion, with 5 closings and 3 pending units already going under contract within the first 3 months of the year.

Summer swells will start rolling through this time of year - What a place to sit and stare

What Happened?

Blame it on the presidential election. Blame it on the failed coupe attempt in Turkey. Blame it on Tom Brady's 4-game suspension or the Cubs' World Series post celebratory hangover. Whatever it is, if we took a snapshot of just 2 months ago, it was a complete reverse of the current state of momentum.

Only 8 units had sold in all of 2016. None had sold since July, and only 1 had gone under contract in that same time. With 11 units active, and the winter season approaching, some of us that specialize in Puamana were looking at each other with the facial expressions kinda resembling the Monopoly man after an unlucky "Chance or Community Chest" draw card. Lots of activity in a sense of showings, but Buyers wanting to hold, wait and see. Uh, wait and see?

Puamana 15-3 Front Exterior

Puamana 15-3 (2 Bed/2 Bath) Sold for $750K: Jeff Onderko & Hawaii Life represented the Buyer

So if 2017 is a by-product of wait and see, it looks like it was well worth the wait as the volume train is back on track. For the record, 4 out of the 5 sales for 2017 went under contract after December 21, 2016, all closed by mid-March, and all 3 pending deals currently in escrow went binding between February 2 and February 26, 2017. Now that's some action!

Puamana CMA March 30th 2017

2017 Puamana Sold & Pending Units - January thru March

Again, for 30 years now Puamana has had an average of 12 deals per year. 5 sold and 3 under contract prior to March 31, 2017.

What's Active For Sale?

We are back to a normally tight inventory market in Puamana with 4 units available for sale (this changes daily).

Puamana 177 Building Oceanview Aerial

A look from above the 177 building towards the middle to southern end of the neighborhood

Why is Puamana So Hot Right Now?

Because you buy it for the love. You know those VISA commercials that refer to moments as "priceless?" Puamana could be the poster child for one of those. With 30 acres of vacation rental friendly oceanfront property, read further at Puamana: 12 Reasons Why It’s Best.

Birds eye view of the Puamana ocean pool , club house and the scenic West Maui Mountains

Bird's eye view of the Puamana ocean pool, club house, and the scenic West Maui Mountains

More Information

If you are in the market for buying or selling Puamana real estate, or have any questions about the neighborhood or West Maui in general, please feel free to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to give you information about my previous sales performance and marketing strategies. At Hawaii Life, we are connecting buyers and sellers from around the world.

Thanks for reading - JTO

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