West Maui's Kahoma Village in Lahaina: Fall 2015 Update

Kahoma Village Residential Park

As of my last writing in May...Stanford Carr, the developers of Kahoma Village, had a hopeful target period of September for releasing sales information on their upcoming 203-unit single and multi-family residential development planned for Lahaina. Exact location is immediately South of the Cannery mall, on 22 acres just makai (seaward) side of Honoapiilani Hwy.

Kahoma Village Residential Park

Of the 22 acres, 1.75 acres is being designated open space "park areas" and Kahoma Village is expected to have several sustainable "Green" design features in architectural, civil, and landscaping development that should appeal to the West Maui eco-friendly environment.

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Of the 203 total units offered for sale, 102 are being "termed or marketed" as affordable. This generally means that candidates at or below 140% of the Maui County average income will qualify and this number varies based on the number of people in the household. I believe the selection process will follow a lottery formula. For complete details on qualifications, see the Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corporation website.

Kahoma Village Conceptual Site Plan

Kahoma Village Conceptual Site Plan

Progress Report

So, after speaking with a representative today, it seems that, like most things in West Maui...patience for progress is required :) as groundbreaking is taking longer than optimistically expected.

I couldn't nail down an official "on the record date" regarding price details, but from the conversation...I'd say the best case scenario is at the very end of the year, or beginning of next...but, definitely no official promises were made from Stanford Carr.

Kahoma Village Single- Family Units

Kahoma Village Single-Family Units

The good news for interested Buyers: the developer is in the loan process and the delay is not from a County planning, zoning, or permitting issue. However, let's not get too excited until we see the heavy machinery in place and the dust curtains erected.

Can't Get Enough of Kahoma Village or Want to Learn More?

Please stay tuned, as I will provide more information as it happens. Please see my last article Kahoma Village: Lahaina's New Affordable Housing Development, or feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks for reading! - Aloha, JTO

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